So you are looking for a package which extract your files from zip, tar, tar.gz, gz etc. Zip can be done easily with some PHP functions but for tar and other Linux archives we need some library to work with and extract files.

So its very simple, hope you already have PHP, MySQL, Apache and other stuff installed.

Now open terminal, and type this:

su -

Enter your root password.

For debian/ubuntu distros:

Now type this command to install pear library,

apt-get install php-pear

For openSUSE,

zypper install php-pear

If you haven’t installed php-cli yet,


apt-get install php-cli


zypper install php-cli

And we are done till here, next is to check either installed successfully or not.

Type this in terminal,


You will see some commands to use with descriptions, which means pear is installed successfully.