In this post we added Isso comments to a static website build with hugo. Interestingly that will add the comments to all the pages which suppose should not have comments for example about, contact etc.

Let’s exlcude it from the pages which should not have it. Open let’s say and add this into the frontmatter area.

comments: false

Sample frontmatter:

title: "Contact"
date: 2018-11-04
thumbnailImagePosition: none
draft: false
showDate: false
showPagination: false
showSocial: false
showReadingTimePost: false
comments: false

Now go to your theme dir and open single.html file and change this line:

<section id="isso-thread" data-title="{{ .Title }}"></section>

to this:

{{ if (not (eq .Params.comments false)) }}
  <section id="isso-thread" data-title="{{ .Title }}"></section>
{{ end }}

And voila, no more Isso comments in your contact page.