Few days ago i wrote about how to start/restart Apache if it is inactive in Ubuntu. Today i am going to share a bash script for CentOS 7. It is mostly the same except few changes.

Login to your server and create apache.sh file in /opt/httpd (you can choose other dir for storing the script). Create httpd dir 1st(mkdir httpd).

This script is tested on CentOS 7 server.


RESTART="systemctl start httpd"

#check for the word inactive in the result of status
if systemctl status httpd | grep -q inactive
echo "starting apache at $(date)" >> $LOGFILE
echo "apache is running at $(date)"

If you want to log the else statement too, add >> $LOGFILE at the end of the echo line. I personally don’t need it as it will spam the logs.

To run this script every minute via cron:

* * * * * sh /opt/httpd/apache.sh