In some cases if you are running WordPress OR some other database extensive application on micro instances, you will experience slow page loading on various occasions.

There is a nice solution to that, install PHP APC to cache most the PHP code for fast loading.

I assume that you are already on the server console through SSH:

sudo su

1st let’s install few needed dependencies including php pear:

yum install php-pear httpd-devel php-devel

Now time to install APC by pecl command:

pecl install apc

Add a line to apc.ini to load the module:

echo "" > /etc/php.d/apc.ini

Restart the httpd server:

service httpd restart

You will notice quite a difference now. The execution time per page will now reduce dramatically. I have tested it on a micro instance for a WordPress site, and i can confirm that the site loads fast now.

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