In my last post i discussed that how to install phalcon framework in openSUSE, and i guess it was quite fun and easy.

Today i am extending the installation to Fedora. I installed it on Fedora 19, 20 and i hope there would be no problems for anyone, it will be quite simple and easy to install. As we know, we don’t have any repo or RPM at the moment for Fedora, so we will build it from source. Don’t worry it will not be scary. Read this for the dependencies 1st.

Fire up the terminal and i assume that you are in your home dir user@localhost ~]$. But no worries, you can change the dir to any where you want like your backup drive etc. Let’s go with home in this article. We need to clone the phalcon repository from github and create the extension from source.

git clone git://
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install

That will do the necessary for now, one last thing now. Open php.ini in terminal or whatever GUI editor you prefer(i will use vim):

sudo vim /etc/php.ini

And add this line:

Save and that’s it. Time to restart the server:

sudo service httpd restart

Download any of the app from the phalcon repo like invo OR vokuro etc, and give it a try.