Few days back former Opera browser veteran announced a new browser and it was a bit of surprise.

I did not personally used Opera that much so no comments on that. So what Vivaldi has in store, not much at this point because its a technical preview which is only to try and test it out. Most of the features are still missing which one would be expecting if hs/she is a Opera browser user. It is based on blink engine which Chrome and Chromium is using. Same webkit as Chrome.

Vivaldi-browser <>

Built in email client is not there yet, but tab stack is there. Well, i am heavy user of Firefox because of its tab grouping and to be honest none of the browsers can beat that yet. Tab stacking is fine, but still its not for me. You can create stacks for different subjects like Google, Email, Chat, Forums etc etc. Notes feature i personally like which can be quite handy at times. So how does it goes about page loads, speed, memory. As i would again repeat it is a tech preview so many things will change along the way. For a few pages open like 5 the memory it consumed was around 350 to 400MB. Which is quite ok i would say. Page loads just fine like in Chrome or Firefox. For now using it in openSUSE 13.2 it is snappy, open fast and is quite responsive.

If you wana try it out, download the rpm for openSUSE and after download click on it and install it with pakacgekit.


if you have local repo created, copy it over there and install from software managment or

sudo zypper ref and then sudo zypper in vivaldi-stable in terminal will do.