So you have github or bitbucket account and repositories setup already. But the problem is if you did not set the user name and email on your machine, most probably you will see Author not mapped with question mark sign.

It is because your account is not synced with github or bitbucket. But no worries, it’s quite easy to do that. Open terminal, if haven’t installed git yet, install it 1st and proceed with the steps below.

Method-1: Setting name and email globally:

This method will set your name and email globally which means that you will not need to set it for each repo you create next time.

git config --global "YOUR_NAME"
git config --global ""

Change to your name and email address.

Method-2: Setting name and email for specific repository:

Here we will apply it to a specific repository. Change directory to the root of the repository in terminal.

git config "YOUR_NAME"
git config ""

Change your name and email address.

Just to verify it in config file:

cat .git/config